To: President Donald Trump

Independent audit of ALL NGP VAN data breaches in its work for DNC and review of DNC actions in e...

We the people to whom the Democratic Party belongs demand an independent audit of the data firewall drops and breaches of NGP VAN as it served the DNC during this 2015 primary. We also demand a review of the actions of the DNC as to their legality in honoring a fair democratic election process for the people of our country. Findings should hold accountable any persons breaking the law or rules that affect a fair and democratic election process.

Why is this important?

The Corrupt Behavior of the DNC and its vendors have in our view made the primary process undemocratic and unfair in its ability to serve the American people in the current election. Many of us will view the democratic nomination stolen if Hilary were to claim it because of these corrupt acts. We are fighting for democracy in lieu of the oligarchy that has assumed power over our government. We ask the president as leader of the Democratic Party to address and resolve this crisis in our election process.