To: Indiana Department of natural resources

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Wants to Drain Popular Fishing Lake

Stop the draining of the lake and wildlife area at Lasalle Fish and Wildlife Area 3 .

Why is this important?

I have enjoyed this area for 40 years. There are nesting eagles in their first year on the river. There is a big flock of pelicans using this area, and all types of waterfowl. I have enjoyed fishing here with 3 generations of family. I think keeping this public lake filled is the wise choice for everyone! They are also going to treat the lake with aerial herbicide Rodeo to kill weeds. What is this going to do to the eagles feeding there? Thank you everyone for your help. Their fish biologist has told us we will have to give up fishing in this area. The water levels will be too low to hold fish, a primary food source for the eagles. Share with everyone you know. This lake was made by the DNR 30 years ago and is a good fishery for many local people. A few outsiders want to change and remove fishing from Black Oak Bayou, so please help us leave it as is.