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To: Jerry Foxhoven, Michael Randol, Mikki Stier, The Iowa State House, The Iowa State Senate, Governor Kim Reynolds, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Iowans Against EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) & Geo Tracking

Stop our invasion of privacy within our homes. Medicaid members who use personal care services and waivers should not be forced to a restricted quality of life and independence!

Why is this important?

When the 21st Century cures Act was signed in 2016, it included GPS tracking and ELECTRONIC monitoring of Medicaid members whom use personal care service within thier own homes, which is a grave violation of privacy and our rights! The federal government is bribing and coercing states to implement such strict regulations in order to access federal waiver funds. It's a mentality of "track them or else lose your $$ for the waiver program" . Medicaid members are being labeled and targeted solely on the basis of suspicion and these presumptive infractions are gravely offensive and oppressive!
Independence and quality of life is paramount to all of us so the government simply wants to strip your independence away, in your own home? Are you going to let this happen or are you willing to FIGHT???
The EVV system is designed for data collection, recording, GPS tracking, and time stamping. These modules are problematic in cost, effectiveness and maintenance. Furthermore, states that are already using this system have shown few returns of fraud on this massive monetary investment. Our Medicaid system is already in terrible destruction; we really don't need to add further burdens on members and providers !
Take ACTION NOW...please...Rise UP, FIGHT WITH ME!

Reasons for signing

  • please dont end my life by taking my freedom away
  • EVV is a horrible overreach on govt authority to discriminate, belittle, and infringe on the rights and civil liberties of the disabled community and their loyal and skilled caregivers (Family or Independent Providers).
  • I am against EVV and violating our privacy!

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