To: Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal

Is it time for Mayor Denis "Nero" Coderre to resign?

Montreal's budget for our 375th anniversary is $105 million, while Toronto's was only $300,000 for their 175th (2009). It is time for Mayor Coderre to either smarten up or LEAVE!

Why is this important?

Montreal is by far the most indebted city in Canada. It is time for Mayor Coderre to stop the lighting up of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the granite stumps and other useless wastages of our money. If he can't control his senseless urges, then he should do the honourable thing and RESIGN immediately! Enough is enough!


Reasons for signing

  • He's wasting money on things that dont matter , banning pets instead of their terrible owners and he's neglecting his citizens! What kind of leadership does that show? 0 Get this idiot outta here
  • Nero must go.
  • He is an egotistical and arrogant individual who stops at nothing to get his name in the news. His agenda of animal cruelty, war on the poor, spendthrift ways, and overall corruption are done. #CoderreOut NOW!!