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To: President Donald Trump

It's Trump's Birthday- what should progressives give him?

It's Trump's Birthday- what should progressives give him?

Why is this important?

What should we progressives give Trump for his birthday?

How about a strong progressive resistance?

Donald Trump turns 71 on Wednesday. I know this because I got an email from the Trump campaign that said “This is President Trump’s first birthday in the White House, and we want to make sure it’s one he’ll never forget.”

We couldn’t agree more!

We think it’s time to celebrate- not Trump and his racist, sexist, anti-worker agenda. Instead, we want to celebrate progressive organizing, building progressive power online and through traditional grassroots organizing in our communities.

Help us make Trump's first, and hopefully last, birthday in the White House truly memorable by flooding him with progressive comments.

Reasons for signing

  • Pray for Mueller to go after his fortune.
  • You deserve a lump of coal, for your gutting environmental regulations in a futile attempt to revive the coal industry, which cannot compete against less expensive natural gas.
  • A tube of Preparation T, for those painful Trumparhhoids!