To: Senator Haine and Representative Beiser

Fix Simpson Tennis Center at Gordon Moore

Fix the Dr Raymond Simpson Tennis Center by supporting the City of Alton's Illinois Park and Recreation Facility Construction grant for improvements at Gordon Moore Park.

Why is this important?

The City of Alton has applied for a State grant to improve Gordon Moore Park. The plans include fixing the courts and stands at the Simpson Tennis Center. If repaired, the tennis center is ideal for kids programs, recreational play, school tournaments, and USTA tournaments including the Bud Simpson Open, Alton Open, and Alton Junior Open. It is truly a gem waiting to be restored.


Reasons for signing

  • Courts an asset for entire region. Area needs recreational and economic benefit.
  • Hello Senator Haine and Representative Beiser! Please help the City of Alton receive the State grant to repair the tennis center and facilities at Gordon Moore Park. This is a gem for the entire region and will benefit sooooo many people! We greatly appreciate your support! Thank you very much. Sincerely, Mary Yanta
  • Please helps us to get a grant for our parks