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Jared Kushner: Don't Go to "Davos for Dictators" -- #FII2019

This campaign has ended.

Starting October 29th, Saudi Arabia is hosting "Davos for Dictators" -- the so-called Future Investment Initiative.

Jared Kushner, Trump officials, and global CEOs must cancel their plans to attend this dictator propaganda event.

Why is this important?

Last year, many business and political leaders skipped Saudi Arabia’s annual "Future Investment Initiative" conference after the Saudi dictatorship murdered dissident and journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

This year, many business and political leaders are returning to the Future Investment Initiative Conference, a Saudi propaganda event.

Businesses attending include Bloomberg, McKinsey, PwC, Mastercard, BCG, KPMG, Blackstone, JP Morgan, HSBC, GE, BlackRock, Dow, Atari, Bain & Company, Lazard, and Colony Capital.

These attendees are turning a blind-eye to Khashoggi’s murder. They are also ignoring Saudi Arabia's bombing of civilians in Yemen and imprisonment of women’s rights activists and other government critics.

Scholar Luciano Zaccara has labeled the conference “a big public relations operation,” as Saudi Arabia's dictator and crown prince tries to wash away his brutal human rights violations.

The commitment to the conference and the monarchy itself by economic and political officials—especially from the Trump administration—displays the immoral lengths politicians and companies will go for monetary gain and how accepting they are of the crown prince’s reprehensible actions.

Sign the petition now to let conference attendees know that we do NOT stand with Saudi Arabia's cruel dictatorship and neither should they!



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  • Operated with complete disregard for the American people. Self serving.
  • i am the one and i am going to liberate the black people.
  • Cut all ties to fossil fuel destruction . Mother needs US