To: Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago

Join DePaul in Fight to Keep Chicago's Schools Open

We are DePaul University Students, Faculty, and Alumni who feel it is unjust for the City of Chicago to use $100 million to build a new stadium for DePaul in the wake of the largest number of school closings in history.
This sentiment is reflected in the last paragraph of the Mission Statement of DePaul's School of Education, "With a commitment to the poor and disenfranchised in society, we believe in education as a force for social justice. We also strive to be a community of learners who engage in dialogue and inquiry leading to the improvement of educational practices in schools, communities, and higher education."

Why is this important?

Despite the outcry from the people of the City of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel declares that the largest school closing in history is "difficult but necessary." Still, he announces a plan to spend millions of dollars for a12,000-seat arena for DePaul University at McCormick Place, a proposal that will require taxpayer dollars.
Join DePaul Students/Faculty/Alumni in demanding that Rahm Emanuel use this money instead to keep the closing schools open.


Reasons for signing

  • Are students, parents, and teachers need our school's. They are Do deserving of a quality education.
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