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To: Vice President Harris

Business Legal - Doing what the law allowed

The goal is to Overturn the illegally obtained plea used to unconstitutionally convict me of GS 14-100 as my business was legal and had the necessary permits to do what it was charged with doing. We demonstrate that the plea itself was not “knowing, voluntary, and intelligent. Judges are required to set aside guilty pleas when they receive an indication that a defendant isn't guilty and didn't fully understand the charges or the effects of admitting guilt because of the ineffective and unconstitutional assistance of defense counsel which is equal to not having legal representation when pleading guilty making this a fact tending to support subsequent withdrawal. But for this error, the jury trial would have continued showing the defendant was doing exactly what the law allowed him to do when these erroneous charges were imposed.
The defendant's attorney didn't investigate or work on the case at all and convinced him that a conviction at trial was automatic because the jury wanted a pound of flesh and he was it because he was black and they were white so the jury would believe them in spite of the evidence of your legal business. There is a mountain of exonerating evidence that a competent lawyer would have discovered and that would have inspired the defendant to continue his jury trial at the most critical point WHEN HE WAS WINNING. Since the defendant pled guilty in that instance, he is able to withdraw his plea.

There are various situations in which trial or appellate judges are generally supposed to allow defendants to withdraw their pleas. These include—but aren't limited to—the following: the defendant didn't "intelligently" plead guilty, whether because of psychological challenges or the influence of drugs or alcohol; the defendant appears to have a viable chance at trial; the defendant was denied a constitutional right, such as the right to ineffective counsel; the defendant entered the plea because of off-the-record promises and threats, and new evidence of innocence has surfaced.

Why is this important?

I had taken my prescribed medication by ingesting several sedatives and becoming overcome with the medication so that I was not able to think clearly, but the judge continued the trial.

Corrupt public officials undermine our country’s national security, our overall safety, the public trust, and confidence in the U.S. government, wasting billions of dollars along the way. This corruption can tarnish virtually every aspect of society. Defense Attorney Michael P. Hugo has committed professional misconduct, Miscarriage of Justice, withheld evidence of his client's actual innocence of 14-100 which are the business records he stole at the most critical point of my jury trial, and these actions have blocked me from the court and continue to force an illegal conviction on me that must be overturned.

Looking for a voice that will assist in getting me back into court and this miscarriage of justice put behind me.

On appeal in Wake County, NC; the Appellant argues that his plea was under duress, sedation, not knowing, and voluntary, that the evidence was insufficient to convict him of statute 14-100, and that sentencing enhancement was improperly applied, and that his counsel was ineffective. Asking the court to hold that (1) there was an error in the sentencing of the guilty plea; (2) the Appellant's conduct clearly didn’t satisfy the statutory requirements for 14-100 as he did what the law intended him to do, and (3) Appellant's challenges to aspects of his sentence were availing the powers that be did no investigation.

As a service-connected disabled veteran, I fired office staff for nonproduction and that move led to a tangled web of woven unconstitutional and illegal actions by the powers that be. Paying salary and not increasing the bottom line would drive any company into the hole.

Illegal restrictions of my liberty, Unconstitutional duties of counsel, Seeking a federal investigation, and Complete exoneration of these erroneous charges....etc....