To: David Zavetsky, owner of LYDA LLC, Tioga County Board of Commissioners, Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce, Borough of Wellsboro, President Donald Trump, The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, Governor Tom Wolf, The Unit...

Keep From "My Shelf Books" at 25 Main Street

Tioga County and Wellsboro needs a bookstore. Renew From My Shelf Book's lease and keep the bookstore where it is, and keep rural America reading

Why is this important?

The landlord won't renew the bookstore's lease. He wants to rent to someone else, but Wellsboro needs a bookstore. The store has always paid rent, and never been late. It's a small town and there's just not anywhere else for the store to go.


Reasons for signing

  • I'm glad that the bookstore is moving, but if Wellsboro thinks they are a tourist town, then they have a big surprise.
  • I read you found another place, good. I have to say I'll never shop at the business where you were at, or Pop's Culture Shoppe
  • Lets go all sign up