To: The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, and Governor Charlie Baker

Keep Public Funds in Public Schools: Keep the Cap on Charters

We, the undersigned, support Mass. Senate Bill 326, which would impose a three-year moratorium on new Commonwealth charter schools and require that all charter school teachers be licensed by the state.

Why is this important?

We object to the creation of a two-tier, separate and unequal education system in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Charters will divert an estimated $419 million in state education funding this year, meaning more and more public school students will lose access to services, supplies and enrichment programs. Moreover, charter schools are not accountable to their local communities. In Massachusetts, the state approves charter schools, often over the objections of local elected officials, parents, voters, and taxpayers. And charter schools are unlike public schools in that they do not serve all students. Through enrollment practices, hyper-discipline, and push-outs, charters serve far fewer high-need students than their sending districts.

Reasons for signing

  • Our children are all children, and our children are our future. As adults, we owe them the best education we can provide, and charters sometimes seem to offer that, but unfortunately take disproportionately from education resources and do not serve all children. I would like to see more funding for education facilities, licensed teachers at all publicly funded schools, and a one-tier system that invests in equally public schools, with particularly support (not reduction in funding) for the sc...
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  • You bet I support No on 2.

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