To: Adam Frankel, Commissioner, Al Jaquet, Commissioner, Shelly Petrolia, Vice-Mayor, Jordana L. Jarjura, Deputy Vice-Mayor, and Carey Glickstein, Mayor of Delray Beach

Keep the Artists of Delray Beach's Artist Alley

We, the Artists in Artist's Alley, have recently learned that the (4) Stor-Rite warehouses, located on the East Side of Artists Alley, are under forclosure and set to be publicly auctioned on November 13, 2014. We are concerned that a developer will buy the property and displace the Artists. We have asked the City Commisioner to direct the City staff to take whatever measures necessary to Keep th Artists in their current locations.

Pleas sign this Petitiom to indicate your support in Keeping the Artists in Artists Alley.

Why is this important?

Artist's Alley is a thriving community of world renowned resident artists that define Delray Beach as an Arts destination. It would be tragic, to say the least, to lose our status as a city that supports the local arts community to nearby towns such as Lake Worth that actively promote and financially support their budding arts scene. Please help us keep the artist in the Alley and prevent redevelopment from destroying what has flourished thus far.


Reasons for signing

  • Artist Alley is vital to keeping Delray interesting and unique. Don't change the scene.
  • Thomas L Carchman
  • The Artist Alley in Del Ray makes Del Ray a very special and unique place. PLEASE do not shut it down.

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