To: Dawn Zimmer, Mayor of Hoboken


The owner of 9th Cloud Vape, Joseph Anthony Ruggiero (aka Joey Bando) has been exposed on video on a racist rant harassing people and calling them "immis" (short for "immigrants"). VIDEO:

9th Cloud Vape released a terrible apology for the actions of a "team member." 9th Cloud did not disclose that the "team member" was the OWNER of the business! LINK:

Let the City of Hoboken and the Mayor's Office know that there is NO place for racists in Hoboken! We want this business out of Hoboken and their license to operated pulled!

Why is this important?

We must send a clear message that we do not condone this type of racism in Hoboken, New Jersey, or anywhere else! Our community is inclusive, tolerant, and this type of behavior is disgusting! Send a message to our leaders, 9th Cloud Vape, and their supporters.


Reasons for signing

  • Would you stfu trying to make american civilians sign a petition becayse a man is "racist" frustrated because a indian or whatever he is is fucking rude as fuck with his dumb bitch wife ..i easnt jere that day but i could omagine how rude they were ..i dont car eof this guy joseph was rude and nasty or racist ..these people come to OUR COUNTRY AND ACT LIKE THEY RUN SHIT AND WE ARE WRONG ..I LIVE IN NY I EXPEIRENCE ALL TYPE OF SHIT FROM DIFFERENT RACES SO I BELEIGE THIS MAN WANSRUDE TO HIN FIR...
  • We're proud of our diverse community in Hudson County. This racist behavior is completely unacceptable.
  • We do not accept racism, xenophobia or any kind of hateful ideology polluting our community.

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