To: The New Jersey State House, The New Jersey State Senate, Governor Phil Murphy, and President Donald Trump

Learn to build bridges instead of walls

When the power of love OVERCOMES the love of power the world will know peace.
Mr. President tear down that wall!

Why is this important?

Mr. President.
It's 2019 time to lead by example and promote unity rather than devide"
As a leader and example to others we should be building bridges instead of walls"
Which reminds me of a story of two brothers living on a farms about a half mile from each other separated by a pond , they always got along for over 50 years , one day they got into a headed argument or disagreement over something meaningless and bad words were exchanged so they stopped talking to each other.
One day a stranger who was traveling knocked on the older brother's door and said hi I'm a traveling Carpenter and I wonder do you have any work for me ?
The older brother thought for a minute and said yes I do!
me and my brother are not talking and he lives right across the pond from me and I never want to see his face again so you see those tree's over there" knock them down and build a 10 foot wall between us , I'm going in to the other town to do business I'll be back.
When he arrived instead a a wall or fence the Carpenter build him a bridge and his younger brother saw the bridge ran over hugged his brother and. Said, after those bad words I said you still build us a bridge? So they forgave each other then they saw the old Carpenter walking away the brothers said hey Mr please stay with us a few more days I have more work for you " the Carpenter said NO thanks' I have more bridges to build for people.
Therefore let us no longer create separation and divide confusion and hate and let us come together united as a great nation founded by people of all around the world and look for positive progressive transparent solutions to solving our immigration issues and many other problems here at home rather than hiding behind a wall"
Mr. President

( Jesus in disguised as the carpenter )

Reasons for signing

  • No wall .i want peacewhere all gods children drugs dont always come from mexico .why dont you look in front of your own bluding where your mayor is putting homeless.why dont you do something better help family homless ones get and they can find work.that way your doung something good for the country .right now.peolpe. are over you and mitch .you work for us .we dont work for you.rembmer that .your the only one who wants. It.rembmer one thing this is not our world.where here to take car...
  • Time for peaceand yogetherness
  • From Ephesians 2 (TLB): For Christ himself is our way of peace. He has made peace between making us all one family, breaking down the wall of contempt that used to separate us.

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