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To: U.S. Courts and Congress

Let the FDA Do Its Job—Make Mifepristone Accessible

A right-wing judge's anti-abortion extremism in banning mifepristone is undermining the FDA's mandate to approve medication. This is part of a larger effort by Republicans and corporate lobbyists to gut regulations on everything from headache medicine to toothpaste. We need Congress and judges to take action to defend the FDA's ability to do its job—and keep us all safe.

Why is this important?

Matthew Kacsmaryk, a Trump-appointed judge with a history of crusading against abortion access, just made an unprecedented ruling to ban mifepristone, a drug that for 20 years has been a safe, effective part of abortion medication.

This is just the latest in the Republican attacks on abortion access, health care, and bodily autonomy—along with packing the illegitimate Supreme Court to overturn Roe and pursuing cruel measures in state after state to ban and criminalize abortion.

It's also the latest in the long plan by Republicans and corporate lobbyists to undermine the work of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They want to gut the FDA in order to throw out regulations that keep consumers and patients safe, in service of Big Pharma and other corporate lobbyists that want to sacrifice safety to increase profits.

The FDA has a mandate to keep us safe and help ensure essential medications reach the market. Without the FDA's ability to do this work, we'll all be less safe. And if Kacsmaryk's ruling stands, it's a blow to the FDA and consumer safety, as well as to the many folks seeking abortion care in a safe, effective way.

Higher courts need to overturn this ill-gotten ruling, and Congress needs to act to bolster the work of the FDA—for abortion access and for consumer welfare generally.


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