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To: US Senate Democrats


PASS THE BREATHE ACT! It is time to reimagine how we utilize police and public safety. For far too long, way too many people of color have lost their lives to police violence. We must take immediate and long over due action to protect communities and citizens from oppressive and unfair tactics.

Why is this important?

The BREATHE ACT is crucial for our society to move forward and break the chains of our past, to accept accountability and start down the path to real change, real healing and a real reconstruction. WE MUST STOP, The Violence, the Over Policing, the School to Prison Pipeline and Over Mass Incarceration and all the unfair practices of our systematically racist system that has been failing its people and causing unbearable, unreasonable, unfair harm. The BREATHE ACT's own summary explains this perfectly!

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“IMAGINE : Schools free of police and full of trained counselors and restorative-justice programs, where all our children are kept safe and their needs are met.

IMAGINE : Easy access to trained, trauma-informed interventionists who can be called on in domestic-violence situations and who are equipped to facilitate long-term safety, healing, and prevention.

IMAGINE : 911 operators dispatching unarmed mental-health experts instead of police in situations involving behavioral health crises, and callers being allowed to request responders that connect to the gender identity of the person in crisis.

The BREATHE Act offers a radical reimagining of public safety, community care, and how we spend money as a society. We bring 4 simple ideas to the table:

Divest federal resources from incarceration and policing.
Invest in new, non-punitive, non-carceral approaches to community safety that lead states to shrink their criminal-legal systems and center the protection of Black lives—including Black mothers, Black trans people, and Black women.
Allocate new money to build healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities.
Hold political leaders to their promises and enhance the self-determination of all Black communities.
Uprisings around the country changed what was possible. What felt impossible two months ago is being accomplished now; what seems impossible today is doable tomorrow, and we will be the ones to make it happen. We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams.”
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Please sign and share this petition and demand that Senate Democrats that this is NECESSARY NOW, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


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