To: Hillsborough Board of Commissioners

Make our streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists

I want more to be done by the town to ensure pedestrians and cyclists in Hillsborough are not endangered by reckless drivers.

Why is this important?

I live in, work in or visit Hillsborough, NC and I value a community that is safe for walkers and bikers. Where everyone follows the speed limits and stop signs all the time, not just when it is convenient or someone else is watching. I value the lives of our children, elderly and pets and I want everyone to drive in my neighborhood like they do as well. Hillsborough’s walkability is one of the main reasons people move here or visit, it has positive health benefits for residents and visitors and it brings tourism business to the town. Unfortunately, traffic surveys routinely show, and pedestrians regularly experience, the majority of drivers in residential neighborhoods speed and do not follow traffic signs. I want the town to make public a plan to reduce dangerous driving and to regularly make public reports demonstrating significant reductions in dangerous driving to ensure pedestrians and cyclists in Hillsborough are not endangered by reckless drivers.

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Reasons for signing

  • Pedestrian and other traffic safety issues are a priority. And while raking leaves from my yard to the curb, I was nearly hit by a truck going over 50 mph on W. King.
  • The traffic on Nash Street has increased and will continue to increase as more homes are built and the Bellvue Mill Apartments are occupied. Speeding is especially dangerous near the school zones. A stop sign at the Corbin Road/North Nash Street intersection is urgently needed!
  • Bikes dont pollute..As long as we obey traffic laws..dont be a bicycle hater!!

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