To: Bill D'Blasio, Mayor

Mayor DeBlasio: Save Marilyn's Newsstand. Extended to Nov 10 for signing.

A NYC Chinatown fixture for decades, she is being forced to shrink her newsstand due to unfair and arbitrary application of DOT rules. Other stands face no such demand to shrink their size. Sign this by Oct 4, 2014 and write to Mayor DeBlasio at:
www.NYC.GOV you will see the bar for OFFICE OF THE MAYOR.

Why is this important?

This fight has not ended!
Last year Marilyn Louie's old newsstand was replaced by a woefully inadequate space to sell anything. The new stand provides only enough space to place 20 newspapers, about a 40% size reduction. Though there was tremendous community and political outcry, the DOT went ahead with their plans. Mayor DeBlasio as Public Advocate supported Marilyn's fight, NOW that he is Mayor, he has the authority to give Marilyn a stand big enough to scrape a living out of.
Please support Marilyn and write to Mayor DeBlasio at:
www.NYC.GOV click on OFFICE OF THE MAYOR. Then
click on CONTACT THE MAYOR. Leave a message. Some every day will raise our presence!
More info:


Reasons for signing

  • This "newsstand" isnt just a typical newsstand, it is a landmark. Since before my birth, the newsstand has been a very community friendly place for the people of Chinatown. It truly is one of the last remaining iconic places of Chinatown, and it would be a shame if it gone. It's owner Ms.Louie, is also one of the faces I recognize and constantly reminds me of the passion she had, always greeting with a smile. The newsstand needs to be brought back to the status it once was, and once again be ...
  • This News Stand represents Chinatown for many decades. It needs to stay...
  • The work environment is inhumane. I've never seen such a small booth where you cant even move like this one. Solitary confinement would seem like a luxury hotel room compared to this existing new stand.

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