To: Martin J. Walsh, Mayor

Mayor Walsh: Save Roxbury's Dearborn School Building from Demolition

The planning process for the Dearborn building was invalid. There were no public meetings with proper notice prior to the decision to tear down the building. We had to start a petition because even though we have confirmed that the Mayor can request a change of construction site to 135 Dudley St., without losing any grant funds, the City is still rushing to demolish the building. There are several better, larger sites with opportunities for partnerships and outdoor athletics that a small lot does not offer to students. We are asking the Mayor of the City of Boston to stop the demolition of a historic building. Both the Massachusetts Historic Commission (MHC) and the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) require investigation of alternative sites, which will preserve the building. Boston Public Schools admits never considering better sites in Roxbury already owned by the City of Boston that would prevent demolition. It's not too late. Alternatives to demolition can still be considered and the new STEM Academy can be built in Roxbury! The Dearborn building is across from the Federal Register Moreland Street Historic District and is of great importance to residents who live in Roxbury because of its history, alumni, Beaux Arts design and architect. Let's think outside the box ! Recycle! Reuse! Reinvent ! Roxbury can have a new STEM Academy and save our beautiful building !

Why is this important?

An application to demolish the building has been submitted. There is a community meeting on 10/30/14 and a Boston Landmarks Commission Meeting shortly thereafter. Many people want to save this significant historic building, including Boston’s historic preservation advocacy community , state legislators, and over 700 community residents and School alumnae who have already signed a preservation petition.


Reasons for signing

  • Stop Demolition Preserve Historic Landmark
  • 9m0out
  • This is for Linda Paschal native Bostonian