To: President Donald Trump

Mexican Gray Wolves in Extreme Danger -- HELP NOW!

Once common in the Southwestern U.S., the Mexican gray wolf now barely clings to survival in Arizona and New Mexico. This year, the federal government issued new rules that put Mexican gray wolf recovery in jeopardy. The rules limit the population to 325, prevent wolves from moving into native habitat in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, and make it easier for federal agents and private landowners to kill them. Help us send a message that Mexican gray wolves need to be protected!

Why is this important?

The Western Environmental Law Center is a nonprofit, public interest environmental law firm. In 1998 we won our first victory for Mexican gray wolves, by securing the federal government's release of 11 captive-bred wolves in order to reestablish wild populations. In 1998 there were no wild Mexican gray wolves left in the US, and by 2014 there were 109. Today we need your help to ensure this rare and population is protected!


Reasons for signing

  • save your precious wildlife
  • Protect Mexican gray wolf
  • Mexican Lobo Grey Wolves are on the verge of extinction. Please allow for a good recovery program for them to survive.

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