To: Michael H. Vincent, Sussex County Council Member, Sam Wilson, Sussex County Council Member, Joan R. Deaver, Sussex County Council Member, George B. Cole, Sussex County Council Member, and Vance C. Phillips, Sussex County Council Member

Moratorium on All Land Use Proposals before Sussex County Council

Seeking Moratorium on All Land Use Proposals before Sussex County Council allowing New Council Members adequate time to evaluate and vote on Proposals – After January 4, 2015

We, Sussex County Residents of Delaware, request a Moratorium on all Land Use Proposals and/or Zoning Change Requests until after January 4, 2015:

• November 4 elections will determine new membership of Council

• New Council is seated on January 4, 2015

• New Council should be allowed to evaluate and vote on all pending proposals/zoning changes

• New Council should have the opportunity to make decisions mandated by their voting constituents

We, the Sussex County Residents listed below, believe that it is inappropriate that an “Exiting Membership” (voted out of office) vote on important land use proposals/zoning changes.

Respectfully Submitted by the Following Sussex County Residents.
(Signees have verified they are Sussex County residents)

Why is this important?

Sussex County, Delaware has been experiencing rapid, uncontrolled land development which is jeopardizing the safety and lifestyle of area residents and negatively impacting the beauty, environment, coastal waterways and endangered species in Sussex County.

Numerous proposals are before the Council for a vote and Nov 4 will elect a new Council more responsive to sensible, sustainable land development.


Reasons for signing

  • See Letter to Cape Gazette printed 11/17/2014 "Sussex Council Needs To Be Accountable" by Diane Stalker.…/1268710
  • Please postpone.
  • Please let us not spoil our beautiful areas with development for development sake.

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