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NETWORK HEADS: don't lie about the Dem nomination on June 7

Mainstream media must refrain from falsely announcing Clinton has "won the nomination" at 8 ET on June 7. It's a bald lie and it will suppress voting in CA from 5 p.m. on.

Why is this important?

Multiple sources, including Chris Matthews on MSNBC, have revealed that they plan to announce Hillary Clinton as having won the Democratic nomination as soon as the polls close in New Jersey on Tuesday, June 7. They will do this knowing full well that the claim will be completely false, as she could only be said to have enough delegates if you count super delegates—and super delegates are not pledged delegates, have not voted yet and will not do so until July 25 at the Democratic National Convention. It is virtually impossible for Hillary Clinton to obtain enough pledged delegates in voting on June 7 to clinch the nomination based on pledged delegates alone.

The networks know this. And by announcing her as the winner—something that is NOT POSSIBLE and will be a bald lie—they will suppress voting in California. Anyone uninformed about this who is waiting to vote may hear that she has "won" and believe their vote is moot and go home (or stay home). The networks know this, too, and have actually speculated out loud about the effect might have.

To PLAN this kind of voter suppression is an outrage, especially since the DNC Communication Director (Luis Miranda) himself has said that super delegates should not be included in totals "because they're not actually voting (until the convention in late July) and they are likely to change their minds. Look at 2008—what happened then was there was all this assumption about what superdelegates were going to do and many of them did change their mind before the convention and it shifted the results in the end."

As Shaun King of the Daily News puts it, “Anyone who ‘calls the election’ on June 7th, be it the Clinton campaign or television networks, is knowingly and deliberately going against the very rules of the party.”

Many grassroots efforts are afoot to spread the word about what is being planned, to educate people about the realities of math and super delegates, to make sure that #StayInLineCA trends on June 7, and to encourage boycotts of the networks on June 7. But the fact is that there are many people who watch and listen to these "news" organizations who we might not reach.

For a year now, the onus has been on citizens to push back on the endless wall of spin, twisted narratives, skewed math, and total blackouts that issue from corporate media's blatantly biased newsrooms. It has been an enormous effort. Now, on the eve of one of the most important races in this primary cycle, they are on the offensive in an utterly disingenuous, openly intentional manner. And they have so much money and reach, they appear to expect very little challenge.

We can do our best to out-report them, but I believe we can do more. I won't just sit back and let them knowingly tell an outright lie in a last ditch effort to give their floundering candidate an easy push. Will you?

Please sign now to tell these network heads that what they are planning is nefarious and unconscionable. Please join me in demanding of the major networks that they obey the express orders of the DNC and do not include superdelegates in their counts—and that they do not falsely claim Clinton as the nominee on June 7.

Join me in demanding that for once they show honesty and transparency and report the truth: that on June 7, neither candidate will have secured the 2,383 delegates required to clinch the nomination, and a contested convention is imminent.

Thank you for your participation on behalf of fair elections and a movement to restore democracy and justice to America.

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