Networks: Don't give Trump's hateful lies free airtime!

Trump has consistently lied about immigration and demonized immigrants in his attempt to build a racist, wasteful wall. He's now asked for national airtime to rile up his base, spew his racism and propaganda, and argue for this wall. Don't give free airtime to his partisan hateful lies. Refuse to air his speech.

Why is this important?

Let's all remember, Donald Trump started off his anti-immigration rhetoric by spewing racism against Mexicans. He then went on to say he will implement a Muslim Ban, and it was one of the first policies he implemented as president.

Now, Trump has shut down the government and is holding our government and the livelihood of 800,000 workers and their families hostage over a racist, wasteful wall.

At every turn, he lies about the justification for the wall. And he attacks immigrants, riling up xenophobic and anti-Muslim fervor around the country.

Now, he has asked to address the nation about the wall—and indications are he'll continue his barrage of lies and assaults on immigrants. It is easy for networks to respond: They can refuse his request for airtime.

Networks refused to air President Obama's 2014 speech on immigration. Trump's speech, if it follows his track record, will be full of lies and attacks, all about shoring up right-wing political support.

Networks can send a clear message to a man who has attacked immigrants and Muslims, abused the free press, shuttered our government, and threatens democracy: Refuse to air his hateful lies.