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To: CDC, President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leaders Schumer

No Evictions! Keep People In Their Homes!

Extend the eviction moratorium immediately! President Biden and the CDC must extend the eviction moratorium, and Congress must take immediate action, before hundreds of thousands of people lose their homes.

Why is this important?

The pandemic is not over. People are still suffering, jobless, going hungry, and living through repeated trauma. As the delta variant tears through the country, the Democratic-controlled White House, Senate, and House need to do everything in their power to keep people housed.

It’s unacceptable that millions could be kicked out of their homes—causing an enormous crisis that will disrupt families and communities, hurt our economy, plunge countless people into chaos, strain our social safety net, and disproportionately impact BIPOC and working people.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the CDC had put in place an eviction moratorium, noting the public health dangers of evictions. That moratorium is ending. There are billions in rental assistance that could help keep renters in their homes and keep landlords paid—but government agencies are moving too slowly to distribute the funds. A moratorium extension would give time for renters to get the assistance they need and would create more continuity for families, communities, and our economy.

Inaction is not an option. Evictions are cruel and disruptive, and during this economic and health crisis, they are even more morally reprehensible. Government leaders must act immediately!


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