To: The Connecticut State House, The Connecticut State Senate, Governor Ned Lamont, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

No Gun Range in Hampton

Prevent the new state police firing range from coming to Hampton, CT. Sign the petition, let your voice be heard.

Why is this important?

We don't want our livelihoods altered by this horrible event. Keep Hampton quiet! Preserve our peace!


Reasons for signing

  • Fix what you have or use the National Guard site. The quiet corner wants to remain the quiet corner. And also when my budget is facing hardship I stop spending. Every day I hear how bad the budget is in CT. Not the time to be building a new gun range.
  • Clean up the mess you left in Simsbury. Use the money to revamp your mess.
  • No gun range. Consider the 'state of the art' in New Haven. Plenty of room there.

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