To: MassDOT Fiscal Management Control Board, The Massachusetts State House, The Massachusetts State Senate, and Governor Charlie Baker

MBTA Peoples Vote (#MBTAVote): NO Hikes, NO Cuts - Save our T NOW! #rMBTA #FightTheHike

We demand immediate action to fix the MBTA and deliver the service we need:

1) NO FARE HIKES OR SERVICE CUTS -- We demand a moratorium on all fare increases and service cuts until our elected officials can sustainably fund the MBTA.

2) RESTORE THE MBTA’S BUDGET -- Release the full $261 million to the MBTA as directed in the 2013 Transportation Act to balance the budget WITHOUT further damaging service and ridership.

3) LONG-TERM INVESTMENT -- Develop legislation to fully fund the MBTA as a public good and bring our equipment into a state of good repair.

Why is this important?

SIGN NOW to cast your #mbtavote for TRU's alternate budget -- NO HIKES, NO CUTS!

For more than 15 years, the short-sighted, poor decision-making of our elected officials has created a financial disaster for the MBTA. Repeatedly cutting funding and pushing enormous costs onto riders through fare increases and service cuts has brought our system to the brink of collapse.

Now Governor Baker and his MBTA Control Board want to go further, by raising fares twice as high as allowed by law, cutting services that our most vulnerable riders depend on like The Ride, blocking the release of funding required by the 2013 Transportation Act, and dismantling our system for parts to sell to corporate interests.

This needs to stop - public transit is a public good! It’s time to build a world-class public transportation system that serves EVERY rider, protects our health and environment, strengthens our economy, and supports the growing needs of a robust and thriving region.

Thank you for taking action to #FightTheHike and save #rMBTA!

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The T Rider's Union, a program of ACE, organizes transit-dependent riders to build a unified voice and movement for better public transportation in Greater Boston. To learn more about TRU, visit

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Reasons for signing

  • I’m frustrated with how our public transportation is run. Forcing your residents to pay more money for a garbage t system that is unsafe and unreliable is the most unreasonable thing I have ever heard. Fix IT!
  • Pls fully fund the MBTA. Boston should not be trailing behind the rest of the world which is taking climate change seriously and building up their mass transit systems, making them affordable to all.
  • I'm happily car-free; don't stick public transportation with yet another increase. Let's not forget who transferred the Big Dig debt on to the MBTA. (Hint: first name Charlie, last name B---r!)

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