To: City of St. Anthony

No justice. No pay. No severance for Philando Castile's Killer

Do not allow Officer Jeronimo Yanez to profit from killing Philando Castile. Cease all severance negotiations with Yanez immediately.

Why is this important?

Nothing can describe the rage Black people are feeling right now.

The officer who killed Philando Castile, Jeronimo Yanez, was found not guilty by a mostly-white jury after 5 days of deliberation.

And the pain is unbearable. Despite having no faith the police would be held accountable in this case, the anger and frustration isn't diminished. Because once again we sit and watch a mother scream in pain because the person who murdered their loved one got away with it.

Even more enraging is that Yanez could actually PROFIT from the pain and suffering he's caused. Right as the verdict came down, the City of St. Anthony fired Yanez from the department--and announced they will begin negotiating a "separation agreement" to help Yanez "transition into a new career."

So let's get this straight: Yanez has been on a paid vacation for almost a year and now the department is offering him to walk away with a wad of cash? Hell no. Ain't no way we can allow him to profit from the murder of Philando Castile by any means. Sign the petition demanding the City of St. Anthony cease all severance negotiations with Yanez immediately.


Reasons for signing

  • I saw this on a video. The officer needs to be charged, the same as anyone else. There's no way in the world killing a man like that is reasonable, or legal.
  • Black Life Matters
  • I think he handled the stop wrong... Once Castile volunteered the information of having a concealed weapon & license, the Officer should have prepared to remove him safely from the vehicle... If he wasn't comfortable dealing with Castile alone then he should've summoned a backing officer to assist him with his car stop.

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