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To: Secretaries of State/Lieutenant Governors and election officials

No Private Security Forces at Polling Places

No Private Security Forces at Polling Places

I urge you to strongly discourage and prosecute any unnecessary interference in our elections, particularly the use of private contractors to intimidate, harass, and disenfranchise voters under the guise of “security.”

The presence of armed outside contractors at polling places constitutes voter intimidation and may violate the law. Atlas Aegis, and other companies who would engage in the same activity, must immediately stop any planning to hire private security forces and are not welcome in our state.

Why is this important?

Atlas Aegis, a private security company, is recruiting U.S. special operations forces veterans to “guard” polling places in Minnesota. This is an outrageous attempt at voter intimidation. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has already gone on record requesting the company “cease and desist any planning and stop making any statements about engaging in this activity.” Please add your name to our petition urging your state government officials to do the same and shut this down as quickly as possible.

Privatizing election “security” with unaccountable, private ex-military forces will not make our election more secure or anyone safer.

State governments set the rules for their elections — and they have the authority to ensure these companies and their contractors know that we, the PEOPLE, do not want this militarism and are not asking for this unnecessary show of force.

Reasons for signing

  • intimidation or trumpism
  • Vote suppression by any means is fascism, plain and simple. Not good for any free people, having thugs at polling places... we need to vote them out of office, too...


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