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To: US Congress

Congress - Repeal All Laws And Proclamations Recognizing The Noahide Laws In The USA

Congress - Repeal All Laws And Proclamations Recognizing The Noahide Laws In The USA

Repeal all laws and proclamations recognizing the Noahide Laws in the USA

Why is this important?



The people who have signed this petition wish to see the following federal laws and proclamations repealed, Public Laws 97-166, 100-25, 100-279, 101-267, 102-14, 103-14, 99-19, 102-268, 103-229, 98-264, 99-276, 101-15   & Proclamations 4921, 5957, 5181, 5463 and 5317.

This collective body of law and proclamations, collectively, makes the following assertions:

1. Congress recognizes the Noahide Laws are the basis upon which the American nation was founded

2. Without Noahide Law the nation stands in peril of chaos
Society is concerned with the weakening of the Noahide Laws

3. The weakening of Noahide Law threatens society

4. It is the nations responsibility to educate the populace about the Noahide Laws

5. The USA promises to use education and charity to return the world to the values of Noahide Laws, and that this will be reflected in an international scroll which will be signed by the president and other heads of state.

The Noahide Laws are Jewish laws for non-Jews which are applied from the Babylonian Talmud, these Jewish rules for gentiles violate freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of sexuality under the following rubric of seven laws which all non-Jews are commanded to follow:

1. No Idolatry (This Includes Christianity And Some Say Islam, As Defined By Jews)
2. No Blasphemy (Against Judaism, Blaspheming Other Religions Is Ok)
3. No Adultery, Fornication or Homosexuality
4. No Murder (Jews May Kill Non-Jews)
5. No Theft (Jews May Steal From Non-Jews)
6. Do Not Eat Flesh Cut From A Living Animal
7. Set Up Courts Of Justice To Enforce The Above Six Laws, The Penalty Of Breaking Any Of These Laws Is Death By Decapitation

Death by decapitation for the simple act of practicing a religion which is not approved of by Judaism, for the freedom of questioning Judaism, and for the freedom of having sexual choice. All of these laws obviously violate the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment which states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" because the Noahide Laws are Jewish laws for non-Jews which come from the Babylonian Talmud. The Noahide Laws limit freedom of religion [no idolatry (including Christianity)]. These laws also violate the Free Exercise Clause because they limit freedom of speech (no blasphemy).

For these reasons, all Noahide Laws and proclamations in the USA should be repealed.


Reasons for signing

  • Belief that God had a son is punishable by beheading. Nuff said outrageous unacceptable . NonChristian! UnAmerican. YESHUA ls KING ! SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!! AMEN
  • The Noahide Laws are not only evil, they are unconstitutional.


2020-08-17 17:29:27 -0400

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