To: President Donald Trump

Obama, Speak Up On Climate

While other countries debate intelligent action to fight climate change, American politicians debate whether it's a hoax. President Obama, please speak up, clear the air, and lead the US on climate change!

Why is this important?

Climate scientists around the world are virtually unanimous in telling us that climate change is real, and serious, and nearing tipping points, beyond which we may never regain a livable climate.

Climate change deniers are virtually unanimous in getting their information from those who profit from the current situation, and who are trying to perpetuate American confusion about climate.

We need leadership from President Obama now, to end climate confusion, and to get Americans focused on climate progress.


Reasons for signing

  • Also, President Obama.... Please strengthen the clean water act...Nothing can be sustained without clean air or clean water! We support you here is the link to our petition below: Thank you!
  • Obama does not take a stand on anything. Just ask people of Syria or the Ukraine. And, if he did, no one would believe him!
  • We are not leading right now, though some pretend we are the world ldrs. Germany is just one example of leading by working as a country to make decisions and to act. That landscape is simply and wisely dotted with wind turbines; we are stalled on ego struggles instead of finding wisdom by joining open minds on important issues of sustainability. Lead us, Mr. Obama, and those of us ready to work together, will. We don't need you to use your convincing voice; we voted for and want your calm lea...

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