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To: Governor Little

Opening bars and resturants before June

If you wait until June to open bars and restaurants, we will not withstand this. It's killing us; I'm a bar owner and if this goes until June, we will loose our state liquor license. If you don't use or lease your license for 90 days, you lose it on top of the financial hardship. I feel bars and restaurants can remove tables to comply with the distancing, and can only allow for a certain amount of people in at a time, limit hours of business, and having the sanitation in check better than what the grocery stores are doing.

Why is this important?

For me and many of these businesses, this is our livelihood. We have absolutely NO money coming in but still have to pay our state and federal taxes along with utilities, insurance, etc. Please reconsider this.


Reasons for signing

  • small businesses are dying
  • As a bartender and the main source of income in my household we needs this to happen.
  • It's time that the country opens, this is no longer about a virus it's about control.


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