To: Jonathan Veitch, President, Occidental College

Oxy: Remove Cathie Young Selleck from the Graduation Speakers List

Do not allow somebody who refused to believe sexual assault survivors, bullied student-activists, and who physically assaulted an alumna, the platform to speak at Occidental College's 2018 commencement.

Why is this important?

Occidental College's 2018 commencement theme is aimed at celebrating women's leadership, yet one of the speakers is a board member who refused to believe student survivors of sexual assault, bullied activists, and physically assaulted an Oxy grad. She does not adequately represent the celebration of women in leadership, therefore we do not want her to speak at graduation.


Reasons for signing

  • I sit here at this Graduation disappointed that she was allowed to be a guest speaker after looking her up and reading about her shameful behavior. She should not have been able to speak. Shame on the people at Oxy who allowed this. I am proud of the students who stood up and turned their backs to her in protest. Oxy, you need to get your ish together.
  • How could anyone think Ms Selleck's involvement in some embarrassing moments from Oxy's dark days of the sexual assault scandal wouldn't come up? How could anyone think this was a good idea? There are millions of inspirational women and Oxy picked one who reacted poorly, in a public setting, when Oxy faced atrocious accusations of overlooked sexual assault on campus? Shame on you
  • Class of 2013