To: The Pennsylvania State House and Governor Tom Wolf


Pennsylvania’s Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act (GMRA)The court made clear that a lessee cannot try to circumvent the mandates of the GMRA, which requires that the lessor receive at least a one-eighth royalty on all production.

Why is this important?

WE THE PEOPLE OF BRADFORD COUNTY want the immediate stopping of Chesapeake Oil and Gas; All of their Affiliates; All Other Gas Companies following the their path of UNETHICAL and UNEXPLAINED way of deducting massive unexplained charges from Landowners in Pennsylvania! WE want what WE agreed upon in OUR Contracts. The agreement of 12.5 percent, (GMRA), has been BREACHED.

Since the "KILMER CASE". some Gas Companies have violated Pennsylvania’s Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act (GMRA). Guaranteeing NO LESS THAN 12.5 percent!

This effects ALL PEOPLE in Pennsylvania! this is money that could be spent in OUR schools OUR Communities!

BRADFORD COUNTY is being called upon to save this COUNTRY with their energy crisis and in turn the people have been taken and WE WANT WHAT THE WAS INTENDED 12.5 percent.

Please help the People of Bradford County, help us pass BILL HB 1684