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To: Congress

Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act

Congress: Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act to protect access to abortion for all Americans.

Why is this important?

UPDATE: The House of Representatives has passed the Women's Health Protection Act! Call on the Senate to do the same.

SCOTUS has let the most extreme abortion ban in the nation go into effect in Texas. This law bans abortion at 6-weeks before most people even know they are pregnant and puts a 10k bounty on those who seek to help people receive the abortion care they need. If SCOTUS won't step up, we need Congress to act. Congress must immediately pass the Women's Health Protection Act.

The Women’s Health Protection Act, which was just reintroduced in Congress, would stop the Republican onslaught of anti-abortion and abortion-restrictive legislation coming out of state legislatures across the country. It would block states from creating barriers to care and would protect health service providers' ability to offer abortion care.

Sign our petition now and tell Congress to protect an individual’s right to choose.

Reasons for signing

  • Making abortion unlawful will not stop abortions. Women and girls with means will go to other states or pay high prices for abortions. Those with less money and know how will suffer most by having dangerous abortions or having a child they don’t want and cause that child problems. Leave Roe alone. Try walking in their shoes.
  • The flagrant disregard for women's rights is sickening and unfortunately not surprising.
  • We need to protect our women.


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