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Petition to solicit for the rights for the Muslim peoples of the ethnic minorities of the Rohingy...

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The current peace building initiatives between the government and ethnic groups in the Union of Myanmar are not enough anymore; ethno-religious and inter-communal relations must be taken seriously in order not to derail the current political reform. For human rights abuses and violence are committed not only by the state but also by different ethno-religious groups against each other. Racism and racial profiling in the media deserve careful attention, and the transnational nature of fostering ethno-religious intolerance as part of the new dynamic of human rights need to be addressed.

We call for the following rights for the people of Rohingya:

1. The Rohingya must obtain citizenship of the Union of Myanmar.

2. Human rights, freedom of expression and religion are basic rights who must be provided to the Rohingya. They must obtain the same rights like all human beings in the Union of Myanmar.

3. The Union of Myanmar must protect the Rhonigya in a way, that they can live peaceful and pass their culture and language to their children.

4. Stop the genocide immediately!

Every under signer promotes the four points which are required by this petition. As it seems that Myanmar starts to make its way, it cannot be that a single group of people are suppressed and killed because of their ethnic and religious believes. A modern country, to which Myanmar is on the way to be, must protect all beings living in its territory. Equality is one of the major principles provided by modern governments.

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