To: Stratford Town Council

Please ask the Stratford Town Council NOT to build a Dog Park at the absolutely unique and histor...

One location under consideration by the Stratford Dog Park Subcommittee for building a one-acre Dog Park is smack-dab in the middle of Boothe Memorial Park & Museum’s scenic East Meadow.

The entire site of Boothe Memorial Park & Museum, including the land and all of its original buildings is listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior. This is the United States federal government's official list of sites, buildings, structures and objects "deemed worthy of preservation," and this special status must be respected.

Before it became a Park in 1955, this land was used and occupied by the Boothe family as a homestead and residence, continuously since 1663.

In their Wills, David and Stephen Boothe revealed their intent to leave their land and buildings to the Town of Stratford for use as a public park. They wrote of their vision for this park, as follows: “We have enjoyed picturing in our minds the manner in which it could be laid out and beautified, so that it would be an attractive and restful place to which people could come and enjoy its extensive views, scenic beauty and pleasures.” The Wills of the Boothe brothers must be honored.

Stratford was given a wonderful gift by the Boothe brothers, which has been enjoyed by our residents for decades. Boothe Memorial Park & Museum is a unique, valuable historic asset for the Town. It is a major tourist destination, supports educational programming, and is a venue for many public events and activities. It is the responsibility of us all to preserve and protect it. At this moment in time, we are its stewards. We can be good stewards, passing it along to the next generation as we found it, or we can be poor stewards, allowing its character and beauty to be eroded.

This Park is not just a tract of land to be parceled off to accommodate various special interest groups. It is an historic site and a museum, which was left to the Town with a vision for its use, and, for all these reasons, a Dog Park has no place at Boothe Park.

Why is this important?

The Friends of Boothe Park is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization formed in 1984 to preserve and restore Boothe Memorial Park & Museum. Since its founding, it has contributed nearly $1 Million toward the restoration of the Museum Buildings. In addition, the Friends of Boothe Park has contributed countless volunteer hours in managing the Museum programs, providing tours, running educational programs for local school children, presenting historical reenactments, hosting an annual Opening Day event, and much more. At the present time, we are collaborating with the Town of Stratford and State of Connecticut to restore the East Barn, which will be re-purposed into a Visitors & Educational Center. The cost of this project will exceed $200,000. The proposed Dog Park would be placed right in the middle of the scenic overlook planned for this new Visitors & Educational Center.


Reasons for signing

  • I love dogs and enjoy dog parks very much but this just doesn't seem like the right place.
  • I have visited this lovely park and believe adding a dog park would mar the meadow and is against the original intention of the Boothe family directive.
  • Booth Park is not an appropriate place for a dog park!

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