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To: President Biden & Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

President Biden: Secure American Journalist Danny Fenster's Immediate Release from Myanmar

President Biden: Secure American Journalist Danny Fenster's Immediate Release from Myanmar

We call for the immediate, safe, and unconditional release of our son, American journalist Danny Fenster, from unlawful detainment by the Myanmar regime.

Why is this important?

Danny is the managing editor of Frontier Myanmar, and was detained at Yangon International Airport on Monday May 24th, 2021, shortly before he was due to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur. He was on his way home to the US to surprise us; we hadn’t seen him in over three years. He was sent to Insein Prison in Yangon, a political prison notorious for its human rights abuses. Danny has complied with Myanmar law and adhered to the country's customs and codes. He has committed no crime other than being a journalist. We —his mother Rose, his father Bud, his brother Bryan, and his whole family — are concerned for his well being more so than ever. We are calling for his immediate release and safe passage back to the United States.

The United States has a profound interest in preserving the freedom of the press worldwide in order to guarantee direct access to independent information for all people. As a nation that is deeply committed to protecting the freedoms, safety, and human rights of its citizens, U.S. officials should be making every effort to ensure that Danny is returned home safely; now. We urge the Biden Administration and U.S. Department of State to act with the utmost urgency to secure Danny’s immediate, unconditional, and safe release and return to the United States. #BringDannyHome

Reasons for signing

  • The US government needs to protect its citizens domestic and abroad. Bring Danny home!
  • Danny was trying to expose the inhumane tortures that has been done to so many innocent people. Now he is enduring inhumane torture personally. No one deserves this kind of treatment! It's pure evil! Get him out of that prison now!
  • Freedom of the press is precious and we must fight to preserve it.


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