To: John Broderick, President, Old Dominion University, Dr. Ellen Neufeldt, Vice President, Student Engagement and Enrollment Services, Renee Dunman, Assistant Vice President for Equity & Diversity, and David Harnage, Chief Operating Officer

President Broderick: Reinstate the African American Cultural Center!

The Old Dominion University community needs a safe space for Black students. Reinstate the African American Cultural Center as a Black Student Union.

Why is this important?

As a member of the Black community at Old Dominion University, it is imperative that the university support cultural understanding of Black students. As of now, institutional funding for Black programming is low and there is no central safe space for Black students to commune while accommodations for other marginalized groups have been made (i.e. the Women's Center, the Safe Space Committee, Lavender House -- a living arrangement for LGBT students, the Confucius Institute to promote understanding between US citizens and Chinese culture, and the Filipino American Center). The university is 22% Black in total and 46% Black on campus -- the time is now for Black students to be made an institutional priority.


**When signing please comment whether you are a current student, alumni, staff/faculty, or other (parent of student, community member, etc.). If applicable, please also comment with any organization affiliations.


Reasons for signing

  • To administration: Don’t just tokenize black students on campus to make the campus look diverse, but actually provide resources and a safe space for them to succeed and have full support.
  • Your Vice President is now becoming our new president at CSUSM and I support your efforts to have a Black Student Center. We just established and opened ours in spring 2017 so I will not stand for her or anyone trying to remove ours.
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