To: President Donald Trump

President Obama: Please give diplomacy a chance with North Korea

The annual joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea are expected to begin later this month. The North Korean government has asked that the exercises be cancelled as a way to reduce tensions. President Obama, take a stand for peace and cancel the exercises and use this opportunity to find a diplomatic solution with North Korea.

Why is this important?

The yearly joint military exercises between US and South Korea have created escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula
Last year there was a sharp increase in tension between South and North Korea with the North Koreans readying missiles for launch and the US sending nuclear capable B-2 Stealth Bombers.
The North Korean government has sent an open letter last month asking for cancellation of the 2014 joint US-South Korea military exercises.
Although the US and South Korea claim these exercises are "defensive" in nature, It simply defies logic. South Korea spends three times as much on their military than North Korea. US spends more on their military than the rest of the world combined. Who should be on the defensive?
President Obama. Please stop the militarization of the Korean peninsula and start a diplomatic process by cancelling the exercises and use the opportunity to find a peaceful solution.


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