To: President Donald Trump

President Obama: Regulate Dangerous Oil by Rail!

Americans deserve regulations that put our safety first and that of our towns, not the profits of big oil. Protect communities from dangerous oil by rail by improving tank cars, regulating speed limits, limiting flammable materials, improving emergency notification systems and letting communities say no to oil trains going through their communities.

Why is this important?

25 million Americans are in danger from exploding oil trains.

Last month — after a record year of unsafe oil trains derailing, spilling, and exploding across the country — President Obama proposed new regulations for unsafe tank cars. But shockingly, these new rules actually protect industry profits while sacrificing public safety and the health of our air and water.


Reasons for signing

  • So sick of all these nasty companies polluting our water, air and land with their filth. All they care about is money. They don't care about everyone else that has to live with the consequences of their stupid accidents. Enough is enough!
  • You must omit all fossil fuels ! Solar 100% in 2 years !
  • NO transporting dirty oil--keep it in the ground!