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To: President Donald Trump

President Trump stop refusing to unveil the Obama white house portrait

President Trump stop refusing to unveil the Obama white house portrait

Donald Trump you are supposed to work for the American people.

You are an employee of the hard-working people of this nation.

You are living in America's house.

Racist's actions such as denying the hanging of President Obama's portrait in the White House will not be tolerated by the American People.

As an employee of this nation, you must respect the traditions of this nation and unveil the Obama white house portrait.

Why is this important?

Our nation is hurting from the Covid-19 pandemic and as an employee of this nation, the president must fulfil his obligations as a steward of the white house.

Reasons for signing

  • Trump is extremely jealous of President Obama because the latter has everything that the former has never had, doesn't have, and never shall have--namely integrity/strong character, Class, former Harvard Constitutional Law Professor, a healthy sense of humor, empathy, anything good and positive, which Trump knows nothing about!!! Trump doesn't even have a heart or a soul, much less the aforementioned!!
  • I don't see it as racist but pettily vindictive. Trump has a Presidential duty to unveil his predecessor's portrait as Biden would for Trump's portrait.
  • They racist to that's why his picture is not hanging


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