To: The United States House of Representatives

Protect Children in Military Detention

Sign Rep. McCollum's letter calling on President Obama to appoint a special envoy to help protect Palestinian children in military detention.

Why is this important?

Human Rights Watch has reported that Israeli security forces are abusing Palestinian children detained in the West Bank. "Israeli security forces are using unnecessary force in arresting and detaining children, in some cases beating them, and holding them in unsafe and abusive conditions," HRW said. [1]

Minnesota Democratic Representative Betty McCollum is now circulating a letter to President Obama, urging him to appoint a Special Envoy for Palestinian Youth to travel to the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Israel to hear directly from Palestinian youth, human rights and legal experts, NGOs, and Palestinian and Israeli officials, including police and military leaders, about the conditions of children in military detention and what steps can be taken to guarantee the internationally-recognized human rights of these children. [2]

Urge your Representative to support Rep. McCollum's letter by signing our petition.


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