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To: Ann Bakar, President and CEO, Telecare Corporation, The California State House, The California State Senate, Governor Gavin Newsom, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

Put Impartial Eyes and Ears Inside Lock Down Psychiatric Facilities

Create a system of checks and balances where organizations that service clients in lock down facilities are monitored by neutral, third parties that give surprise visits to such facilities. Help ensure trauma survivors in such facilities are not being further victimized through sexually assaults, physically assaults, verbal assaults by staff, and that they are provided adequate access to nutritious food, treatment for trauma related conditions, consideration of other health conditions with immediate action taken with regard to feedback provided by the clients' family and friends. #theVanGoughProject

Why is this important?

THIS PETITION IS AN ARTIFACT OF #theVanGoghProject and archives the intention of the Artvocate/Artivist Journey

I've devoted 6 months of my life to advocating for my sister, and in so doing, realize we can do better and that there is profound need for systemic change to not only protect the rights of the mentally disabled, but to create environments in which they will thrive. At present, there is a Dr.'s order that I not be allowed to visit my sister, and there is a Patients Right Investigation that has been launched by a member of the LA County Board of Supervisors to investigate complaints of: sexual groping, physical assaults, inadequate nutrition, inadequate support from trauma related symptoms, clients living out of paper bags in lockers, not supporting family in fixing teeth rotting out of her mouth, not being aware that she had cataracts and could not read because of very poor vision, unqualified staff, force feeding to treat an eating disorder, direct violation of her Patients Rights.

UPDATE: The judge sided on behalf of family and a court order was given for her medical records to be released. She was "dumped" in a skilled nursing facility within 24 hours and has been here for nearly two months. We are searching for a more appropriate setting, but in the interim, are extremely grateful!

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  • All humans and beings deserve respect

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