To: Raymond Arrieta

Raymond Arrieta: Stop Doing Brown or BlackFace

Raymond Arrieta has a show called "Raymond Y Sus Amigos" hosted by Telemundo network, where he consistently does performances in Brownface. In the past, he has also done blackface as a comedy skit. This must stop and we must make it stop.

Why is this important?

Blackface and Brownface have been historically racist practices in the media that have dehumanized black and indigenous people. We live in a time where this should no longer be acceptable. It only further marks our marginalization and lacks a positive representation of us. If Raymond Arrieta really cares for the people he should not be performing in these type of practices.


Reasons for signing

  • I have seen Raymond do the blackface with impunity for years. The worst part is that he uses the blackness, accent or look as the punchline and not as part of the character. The worst kind of racist is the one that doesn't know he is a racist. And Puerto Rico is full of them.
  • A bit late - but hopefully it helps!
  • I listened to this issue on Latino USA and it's unfortunate that this is still going on in the media.