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To: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer

Recall IL12 Congressman Mike Bost

Recall IL12 Congressman Mike Bost

We ask that the House Speaker and Majority Leader expel Mike Bost for voting to approve the seditious objections to the election of Joe Biden for President, as well as signing onto State of Texas v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania et al lawsuit.

Why is this important?

Republican House Representative Mike Bost has consistently ignored feedback from constituents in Illinois District 12, and voted along partisan lines with the Trump administration. Mr. Bost's representation does not reflect the desires of nearly half of the constituents in District 12. He is not transparent, does not hold legitimate town hall meetings (he screens the dissenting calls), and in general is not an advocate for all he is charged with representing. His decision to vote in the affirmative to overturn a free and fair election further demonstrates how out of touch he is with the will of the people in this district.

Please consider removing or censuring him for his participation in this travesty.



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