To: Cook County Minnesota Commissioners

Reject OHV B2B proposal for Cook County, Minnesota

We respectfully request the Cook County Commissioners reject the B2B proposal designed to attract, promote, and increase OHV traffic across and through some of Minnesota’s most remote and fragile forest areas.

Why is this important?

We hope to avoid the possible environmental degradation from increased OHV traffic. These revered places of nature, wildlife, natural solitude, and beauty are not intended for and cannot withstand increased motorized wreckreation. Counties have opposed the proposal and Clearwater County has an official Resolution opposing the B2B sent to the DNR, their representatives and senator.

Please note your geographic connection to Cook County, if you note down another location. Thank you for your support and for showing up to join our cause !


Reasons for signing

  • Based on what I've seen on a local level with the negative impacts from increased OHV traffic, I would DEFINITELY say this bill should be opposed. If in fact there are any economic benefits, they are not worth the devastation we experience from ATV use.
  • Please reject this B2B proposal. Too many of our beautiful lands are quickly being destroyed by these people who do not care!!!
  • We need to protect this beautiful area.

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