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To: Congress

Remove Confederate statues from the Capitol Building

Remove Confederate statues from the Capitol Building

The U.S. Capitol must be welcoming to all Americans and join in the work of anti-racism, so we urge you to support and help immediately implement Speaker Nancy Pelosi's request that the Architect of the Capitol immediately remove 11 statues of Confederate leaders and soldiers from public view. Removing these disgraceful statues would be an apt symbolic signal that the people's house belongs to all the people.

Why is this important?

All across America, Confederate statues are falling. Except in Congress.

The National Statuary Hall in the Capitol Building has eleven statues of former Confederate leaders and soldiers. That includes Confederate president Jefferson Davis and Confederate vice-president Alexander Stephens, among others who committed treason and made war in order to defend slavery and white supremacy.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi just called on these statues to be removed. But it takes support from both the House and the Senate. If we put enough pressure on Representatives and Senators, they will act. Can you help?

Reasons for signing

  • Statues like these belong in a museum with proper context and not on display as a memorial to an ideaology that wanted to destroy The United States.
  • Germany removed all signs of nazis from the country after wwii. The loosing side of the civil war should not be erased from history but it should not be celebrated.
  • I despise bigotry.


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