To: University of Texas at Dallas

Remove Jacob Anderson from UT Dallas

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Following the news of allegations of sexual assault, Baylor removed Jacob Anderson not only from the fraternity over which he presided but also kicked him out of the school. Now, following a plea of no contest, he is a student at UT Dallas. The students at UT Dallas have a right to feel safe on their campus. Anderson submitted a plea of no contest and was sentenced to deferred probation, and will not be made to register as a sex offender. That being the case, the school has a responsibility to ensure that their decision to admit Anderson was fully informed.

Why is this important?

Sexual assault is a serious offense and these cases keep happening, wherein the assailant is not brought to justice and the victims are left in the cold. Universities claim they take the safety of the student body very seriously. If that is true, universities have a responsibility to keep potential predators off campus.


Reasons for signing

  • Justice, true and proper justice needs to be served. Screw this judge!
  • What the fuck is wrong with this monster that this would happen
  • Fuck this cunt. Keep rapists away from universities.

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