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To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Repeal Immunity for Drug Companies Against Vaccine Injuries

Why should the drug companies be above the law? If vaccines are safe, there would be no need to grant the drug companies immunity. In 1986 Congress gave the drug companies immunity against all lawsuits from vaccine related injuries. The Federal Government is now paying out billions in damages to some parents whose children have been hurt by vaccines. While the drug companies continue to rack up huge profits, most families continue to pay for the damages with their own money.

Why is this important?

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NEW: HHS has not done ANY vaccine safety studies for 32 years as required by the 1986 law.

Please share this important information with your doctor/nurse and legislators at the local and federal level.
NEW: Injury/Death Stats from all vaccines since 1987 is given below.
This information is publicly available from Please do your own search. It is very easy!

The number of deaths from all vaccines since 1987 is 5,726. The number of people disabled from all vaccines since 1987 is 13,718. The number of people hospitalized after a vaccine is 59,368. The number of ER visits is 180,476.

And we are told that vaccines are completely safe for everyone!
In 1986 Congress granted immunity to vaccine makers against all lawsuits. This is blatantly unfair and un-American. No other industry group is protected in this manner. People in other countries can sue vaccine makers and do but we in America cannot! The US Government is now grudgingly paying billions to parents of children damaged by vaccines, but only after years of litigation. Only 1 in 5 claimants ever gets paid. This, at a time when the vaccine makers such as Merck make billions in profits. Sound familiar? Corporate socialism! The compensation money comes from a $0.75 excise tax that vaccine makers pay for each shot but this is hardly adequate. Families are often burdened with thousands of dollars each year to take care of vaccine injured (sometimes permanently) children. The maximum payout is capped at $250K if a child dies. Clearly Congress decided to serve the corporations rather than the people! THIS HAS TO STOP. NOW!

The vaccine makers continue to make more vaccines and are lobbying state legislatures to remove existing personal and religious exemptions (e.g. SB 277 and SB 792 in CA). There is talk of making vaccination mandatory for adults also. Immunity from prosecution for vaccine manufacturers must be repealed because with immunity, vaccine makers have no incentive to make sure vaccines are safe. We want better and safer vaccines. This will happen ONLY if we repeal vaccine manufacturers' immunity.

Vaccine makers cannot lobby/pay politicians to force mandates on our kids, grand kids and on us and not pay for the damages their products cause! Our medical freedoms are paramount and no government should force us to inject chemicals into our bodies without our consent! Not in the LAND OF THE FREE!!


Please watch/read and decide for yourself if vaccines are safe or not.


OVERALL GOAL: A minimum of 100,000 signatures! We can do it!!


Reasons for signing

  • Medical intervention should be a choice. Vaccines are not "SAFE and EFFECTIVE." They are not Safe and sometimes not effective. I want the freedom to decide whether my child or I have a vaccine. I don't want vaccines to be mandated. Many children are harmed by vaccine injury. Please help us have medical freedom and protection from those who would do harm for the almighty dollar.
  • It is clear that vaccine injuries happen and without the removal of indemnification-rigged-court those injuries will continue. We should be free to choose whether or not to vaccinate.
  • drug companies must be held accountable for their mistakes


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