To: Mary Anne Penner, Head of USPS Stamp Committee

Request For A Rock Hudson US Postage Stamp

A request to USPS Committee Head Mary Anne Penner, to grant Rock Hudson his very own postage stamp

Why is this important?

This is a request to design a Rock Hudson USPS Stamp. He was a Hollywood legend and a lot of people loved him. It would be a brilliant idea to honor his memory so please design a Rock Hudson stamp for everyone that loved him and his looks and his charm and his movies and his plays and his TV shows. Thank You, Susan Kimble


Reasons for signing

  • Rock Hudson was a much better actor than people gave him credit for. Watch him in “Seconds” or “Something of Value”. He could easily have had a career doing straight dramatic roles. A very underrated actor.
  • Rock Hudson was just as wonderful & brilliant actor as those already honored on a USA Stamp in this series. He was not only a brilliant actor on screen but also in life. Mr. Hudson was able to "act" as a heterosexual off-screen. (I hope that came out right.)
  • A true Hollywood legend deserving of a stamp.